Luminance products feature our System 3-plus formula, that will help you through the hair ligthening process and also providing three layers of protection (through its pre-treatment and post-coloring products). This “natural shield” formula feature ingredients such as wax, bee honey, keratin, colagen and omega plus.

Did you know?

Before using a permanent hair-colour product, it is advisable to leave the hair without washing for a maximum of three days. This is done to protect the scalp with its natural emollient compounds, which are produced by the skin: there must be no chemical residues in the hair, whether from hair cream, silicon, gel or any hair-care product.


This natural ingredient enhances your hair elasticity and silkiness, while it also nurtures and protects it. Luminace products feature it in each of their tones, so we can take care of your hair during the coloring process.

Bee honey is considered an ingredient with a well-rounded set of positive qualities which nurture, product and enhance the hair’s shine. It also moisturizes it, rendering it softer and more manageable after applying the coloring product.


These products are meant to prepare yourself and your hair for the coloring process, so you can make the most of all the benefits our Luminance products bring.


Kindle your hair colors and enhance your beauty with our gentle, safe products.


With ingredients meant to hydrate and moisturize hair, these products are used after the colouring process is done, to remove any alkaline residue and chemical traces, so the hair cuticle can be restored and your hair color can sustain itself more.

* These are reference colors.

Permanent hair coloring cream that protects the hair in the process. Its formula is enriched with ingredients such as wax and bee’s honey, before-treatment products feature keratin, collagen and omega plus.

Kit’s contents:

  • Before-treatment keratin x 15 ml.
  • Hair color developer x 60 ml.
  • Hair coloring cream x 60 g.
  • Post-treatment keratin x 50 g.
  • Instruction manual with a pair of gloves.


In hinduism, honey was seen as an elixir of eternal life. Whereas in ancient egypt, honey was used for the embalming of deceased pharaohs.

Honey is a substance used by humankind since its beginnings, knowledge of its potential applications and benefits can be dated from approximately 7.000 b.C. It was employed both as food and as a healing material for cuts, burns, scars, and even considered for cosmetic uses. According to that time’s beliefs, honey were the tears of the sun-god Ra and it was featured, accordingly, as a religious offering. 

In 1922, at Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb, several pots of honey, in pristine condition, were found. Also, in the Bible, honey is noted as a product that’s normally exported.

But…what is honey’s chemical composition?

We know honey is a natural product made from the flower’s nectar and other floral byproducts. It’s composition is based on water, fructose, glucose, saccharose, maltose and galactose. Honey’s sweetness depends on what the proportions of these components are at its making, which in turn, depends on the species of bees that produce it.

Let’s not forget some of its additional benefits! Besides its sweetness and flavor, we’ll let you know some other important details about honey:

  • This natural ingredient can also be used to keep your skin both moisturized and clean.
  • Honey has both anti-microbial and antiseptic properties, which will help the formation of scars to prevent infection in both wounds and superficial burns.
  • For your hair, honey is a key element for its restoration, for it provides both nutrition and shine, thanks to its internal components.


Because of this, and several other reasons, we chose to feature this natural component on our formula, so you can be always prepared.

Welcome to the world of Luminance!


It’s important to know that hair colouring is a tough decision to make. But we’d like to let you in on a more complete, healthy and mostly, reliable, way to go about it. A proper preparation before applying your new hair coloring may be extra helpful so you can proceed to this new stage with open arms.

Luminance features a 3-plus system, a protective shield that shelters your hair before, during and after your colouring session. This system is made of a pre-treatment product enriched with Keratin. What is keratin?    It is a fibrous protein that can be found inside the hair, tasked with protecting its interior, providing shine, hydration and strength. Afterwards, proceeding with hair colouring itself, our portfolio features 29 tones including blonde, golden, ashen, red, copper,oak, brown and black, all with a formula featuring ingredients such as rice protein, wax and bee’s honey, a natural component that can restore the hair’s fibers. Lastly, you’ll apply a post-colouring hair treatment, which includes Collagen and Omega Plus, to lubricate the hair’s follicules and provide elasticity and shine to your hair.


Colouring tips

We must always take our hair’s health into account, since it is our visage’s frame and it can allow us to make it prettier. Because of this, before carrying on with any kind of physical or chemical hair treatment, we must consider other things such as: the shape of the eyes and face, skin tone and eye color, and, also, the color and thickness of the hair. We must then carefuly study the percentage and location of white hair and, lastly, perform a sensibility test on a lock of hair with the intended product, to gauge the scalp’s tolerance to the chemical process.

How to choose the right product according to your needs?

You must consider whether you’re looking for a subtle or radical change, or if you want to lighten your hair color by one, two, or more tones.

Another key thing you must know is how much white hair do you have, and whether it’s gathered in a single spot or if it can be found all over your scalp. Lastly, but not less important, you must ponder whether you prefer warm or cold tones. With all that information, you will be able to tell exactly which is the best option for you.

Hair colouring types:

Permanent hair colouring products have the following features:

  1. They can ligthen the hair color by one, two or three tones.
  2. Their formula normally contains ammonia.
  3. Their pigments penetrate deeply into the hair’s cortex.
  4. Their function is to modify the hair’s natural pigments, therefore changing its color.
  5. They can’t be washed or rinsed away.
  6. Its effects can be felt down the hair’s root, they can conceal white hair!

Cast any doubts away and prepare with confidence. Prepare yourself with Luminance.