Recamier S.A. is committed to designing, manufacturing and bringing products of high quality and performance to the markey, which contribute to the health, wellbeing and beauty of all mankind, fulfilling the needs of our customers and shareholders, as well as legal standards. We control and mitigate all relevant risks from operational safety and environmental, to those derived from illegal activities such as robbery, drug trafficking, terrorism, corruption and bribery, all in order to ensure the safety of our employees and the protection of the interests of our customers, shareholders, providers and community, as well as the enviroment.

Our Integrated Management System helps our qualified workers deliver value, ensures business continuity and facilitates continuous improvement.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure objectivity, transparency and excellence on every acquisition, handling a proper relationship between the company and its business associates, in order to achieve the best results, according to the following policies:

– Any purchase must be completed timely in order to avoid scarcity, cost overruns, inventory costs or any process delay.

– Procure to keep or even improve the quality and safety levels of any adquire goods.

– Approval of expenditures must be subjected to limits aligned with hierarchy and level of responsibility.

– When deemed necessary, the company management shall establish with business partners, appropriate insurance compliance policies, according with the responsability level implied to any acquisition or procurement.

– Every acquisition must go through the complete process of quote, approval and award.

– Prices and payment conditions must be subject to negotiation according to current market conditions.

– Avoid unnecessary intermediaries and middlemen.

– Periodically review all single provider purchases, in order to identify risks of shortages and generate proper action plans.

– Establish procedures for measuring and tracking provider performance, in order to ensure continuous improvement.

Interactions with all stakeholders must adhere to the following principles and values:

Ethical behaviour
Legal compliance
Quality and Safety in all procurement and supply stages
Respect for human and labor rights
Industrial safety and occupational health
Environmental responsibility

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Cookie type Description How to manage cookies
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Cookie type Description How to manage cookies
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If you prefer to delete all cookies installed by the websites you have visited, you can download three programs that are used to delet  tracking cookies through the following links:


Pixel Tags

Some sections of our website may also collect data through the use of Pixel Tags (also called clear gifs) which may be shared with third parties who directly support our promotional activities and the development of our website. For example, we may share with our external advertising agency data regarding the use of our website by visiting users, in order to better target the ads posted on banners on our website. Although the data collected through the use of pixel tags does not personally identify you, they may be associated with your personal data.

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If you need any clarification regarding this Cookies Policy, please contact us. Please note that email communications are not always secure; therefore, do not include credit card details or sensitive data in any email you send to us.

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